2011 Canadian Interior Design Benchmarking and Best Practice Study

Conducted by Canadian Interiors (CI) and Interior Designers of Canada (IDC), this benchmarking and best practices study aims to provide in-depth facts on the Canadian interior design industry in terms of overall size, growth, compensation structure, billings and commissions with the ultimate aim of providing industry decision-makers and practitioners valuable information as they establish plans for the future.

The results presented are based on information submitted by 581 respondents from across Canada, including registered professionals in the fields of interior design and architecture. The results of this study establish, first and foremost, the size and scope of the industry. The gathered data reveals that multi-person design firms completed an average of 38 projects in 2010 with an average project size of 400,000 square feet. One-person design firms completed an average of 15 projects during this period with just over 55,000 square feet as the average project size.

Beyond this, the findings underline the Canadian interior design industry’s continued recovery from the economic downturn of 2009, as demonstrated by steady or increasing staffing levels, improvement in overall billings, a healthy profitability average and favourable business outlooks for 2011. Overall, while smaller firms remain specialized, larger firms are facing business challenges by branching out into multiple sectors or design. It is noteworthy however that, according to our findings, new business is primarily sourced through referrals, previous clients and traditional, face-to-face networking.

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