DatesJanuary 12-February 9 2013
CityToronto, Ontario, Canada
Main BodyThis exhibition at MKG127 features the work of Sara Graham in Streetfinder and Monica Tap's recent work in the MKG127 front space. Graham has been primarily concerned with the issues and ideas of the contemporary city. Mapping has long been a central tenet of her artistic practice, and over the past several years she has created a series of diagramatic drawings and sculptural models that describe and represent urban networks, traversing that liminal space between the real and the imagined. The diagrams and narratives that she charts show her interest in mapping geographic terrains and of the plethora of systems and networks that lie beneath and behind the surfaces of everyday life. She is specifically engaged in a cross-disciplinary approach that incorporates philosophical, cultural, sociological and architectural criticism of the nature and condition of the city and city life.