Micah Lexier: Towards a Coin in the Corner and a Coin in the Corner

DatesMarch 2-April 12 2013
CityRegina, Saskatchewan, Canada
LocationNeutral Ground
Main BodyPlacing a coin in a corner is a simple gesture; a plant; a subtle spatial intervention; an object placed right where it belongs, while also peculiarly out of place. In Micah Lexier’s Towards a Coin in the Corner, and A Coin in the Corner, there are two spaces and two ways of placing a coin in a corner: one literal and one suggestive. The first, A Coin in the Corner, explores absence and the everyday through the presence of a coin; the second, Towards a Coin in the Corner, presents a formal genealogy of the first, not exhaustive, but just one collection of sympathetic elements, the whole of which conjures the coin – or some other circular semblance.
ScheduleThe opening reception takes place at 8:00pm on Saturday, March 2nd. The artist will be in attendance.
Additional InfoThis exhibition is curated by John G. Hampton.