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It will be a colourful year

The major paint brands announce their choices for Colour of the Year

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Sico, Dulux and Benjamin Moore have all looked into their Technicolor crystal balls and predicted what colour trends will influence choices in home décor for the coming year. And while they all – not surprisingly-- came up with different prophecies, the results are still a vibrant paint palette for 2013.

Sico was influenced by people’s growing dependence on techno-connected lives – from electronic gadgets and apps to social media networks – in coming up with their 2013 palette, and the result is one infused with vibrant, upbeat colours on one end of the spectrum and calm and soothing hues on the other.

“The colours for the year ahead represent both people’s expressions of individuality developed through their intense use of technology, as well as their desire to log out from time to time,” explains Mylène Gévry, brand director for AkzoNobel, makers of Sico paint. “That’s why the palette includes bright and joyful colours that exude personality, combined with peaceful, subdued tones that provide a quiet retreat from high-speed connections and reflect our growing appreciation for all things natural and creative.”

Building on the 2012 trend of self-expression and possibilities, the colours for 2013 take on a new maturity, reflecting the connections and demands of modern life and the choices we make to live on our terms, Gévry explained. “The busier we are, the more we appreciate interconnecting – through dialogue, networks and innovation – but we also need time to step back and reflect on how these technologies influence our reality and state of mind.”

For Sico, there are three prevailing colour themes for 2013, each reflecting the consequences of our fast-paced, interconnected lifestyles: Collective Passion, Switching Off and Visual Solace.

It’s OK to be blue

That’s because, according to Dulux, blue will be the hottest colour for 2013. More specifically, dark blue: think dark blue jeans infused with violet, purple-tinted deep sapphire or the mysterious depths of the ocean.

“Next year’s stand out colour can best be described as a robust, intriguing blue with a purple tinge,” said Martin Tustin-Fuchs, Brand Director for AkzoNobel, makers of Dulux paint, announcing Inspired Violet (90BB 09/186) as the brand’s 2013 colour of the year.

“It’s a colour that emits a feeling of tranquility and stability in the midst of our increasingly hectic lives,” Tustin-Fuchs said, explaining that people today are busier and more connected to technology than ever before, and as a result, are looking for a refuge at the end of the day.

Studies conducted by AkzoNobel globally show that blue is the most popular colour worldwide, identified as the favourite colour of more than half the world’s population and the colour least disliked by most cultures. In home décor, popular blues of the past few years have been lighter shades of the colour, more reflective of the sky. The blue of 2013 is both bold and glamorous at the same time, making a striking fashion statement, said Tustin-Fuchs.

Ben sees yellow

Tangy, fresh, and subtly sweet Lemon Sorbet leads a new pack of 18 paint colours and has been declared the Benjamin Moore 2013 Colour of the Year. The collection ranges from pretty pastels to steely neutrals for a fresh, cheerful take on colour.

Lemon Sorbet is a perfect colour to begin invigorating change for 2013,” says Sophie Bergeron, Benjamin Moore’s colour and design spokesperson. “Colour has the power to evoke a mood and yellow, in its many variations, represents optimism and light for 2013. The colour forecast takes interior spaces in a new direction that we haven’t seen in quite some time. The move to a colourful palette that mixes juicy colours with softer hues, balanced with neutrals, brings a high-fashion feel to the home."


Switching Off: This theme reflects people's occasional desire to hit the pause button, clear the mind and create space for new thoughts. It is an assortment of silent colours, from delicate, soft and airy hues to sultry deeps reminiscent of still waters, starry nights, dusk and dawn. In a home décor setting, these colours can be transformed into sophisticated contrasts through an interplay of matt and high gloss, emitting a sense of stillness and creativity.
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Visual Solace: An upshot of our demanding lifestyles is that we've come to find comfort in art and nature like never before, and this shift is reflected in the Visual Solace palette. Inspired by gardens in bloom and paintings by the Old Masters, this theme is infused with floral pink, mauve, dusky violet, bronze, and delicate neutrals. Mustard yellow and darker violet completes the palette, contributing to its feminine, soothing, joyful and serendipitous feel.
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Collective Passion: Characterized by a visual feast of movement, Collective Passion showcases the use of colour on colour, from subtle layering of closely connected pastels and corals. Emitting a feel of energy, joy and creativity, they also combine well with chalk whites and warm greys for a more subdued look.
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Make room: Besides calming us, deep blue is said to extend our sense of time and increase productivity. This makes it a good choice for home offices in addition to bedrooms, family rooms and living areas. It also works well in smaller spaces, such as bathrooms and vestibules, creating a luxurious or intimate mood.
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Light up your life: A room enveloped in deep blue is brought to life by the colour's soothing and elegant feel. For those less adventurous, this hue also adds sophistication when painted only on an accent wall or striped around a living area. For best results, choose a space with good natural light for your Indigo blue walls.
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Be natural: With its richness and depth, Indigo blue is best painted on walls of rooms decorated with wood or leather furniture. Considered a cool colour, blue is warmed up when accessorized with natural objects, browns and tans.
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Benjamin Moore is predicting the colour of things to come in the New Year will be Lemon Sorbet.
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