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Featured Posts


Diamond Schmitt Completes The Buddy Holly Hall in Lubbock

The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences, a new state-of-the-art performance venue in Lubbock, Texas, recently inaugurated its landmark building. Designed by Diamond Schmitt in association with Parkhill and MWM Architects of Lubbock, built by Lee Lewis Construction, and developed by Garfield Public/Private LLC, The Buddy Holly Hall is…
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How It’s Made: French Kiss

The project brief for the 16th Annual Wilsonart Challenges Student Chair Design Competition stated that a chair was to be designed that cited precedents from both furniture and contemporary art, using laminate for its skin to…
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Cinema-inspired elevator designs raise spirit and body

“The lift cabin as a design space in which to create a microcosm of details, games and stimuli” -- this is the spirit with which Milan-based CaberlonCaroppi studio designed POP UP, the second lift in the Ad Hoc line for IGV group, an Italian vertical transport company. “In a sector characterized by anonymous and excessively standardized…
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