Radical Traditionalism at the Musee du Costume

The Musee du Costume et du Textile du Quebec (MCTQ) in Saint-Lambert is presenting the exhibit Radical Traditionalism: Art Embroidery with Jeanne Bellavance, March 30 to June 10.

This exhibition of the Montrealer’s work in clothing will explore the different levels of meaning that the traditional craft of embroidery can involve. The embroidery artwork is designed to attune each garment in relation to its environment and its wearer’s body. Bellavance’s approach is a gradual deconstruction of functional garments while remaining in the norms of embroidery and textile decoration. Radical Traditionalism can be seen as a conceptual statement regarding modern textile art and as an exploration of a traditional craft.

Bellavance, winner of the Prix Jean Paul Morin from the Fondation de la Mode de Montreal in 1993, has a long background in teaching the embroidery arts. She also has many years experience in theatre costume production and has been involved in many exhibitions of the art. For Radical Traditionalism, Bellavance will give embroidery demonstrations at the museum on April14 and May 26, 2 pm.

The MCTQ, which opened in 1979, is an ethnological institution that collects, preserves and interprets objects and works of textile art. It aims to promote appreciation of textile art by sharing its research through its teaching exposures, programs, cultural activities and publications.

For more information www.mctq.org