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Quebec’s Finest

The Quebec Order of Architects has named the 14 winners of the Architectural Awards of Excellence. Among the projects honoured in the 24th edition of the awards: CCIT: Communication, Culture and Information Technology building at the University of Toronto at Mississauga, by Saucier + Perrotte Architectes (in the institutional projects category); the Cooprative d’Habitation Au-Pied-du-Courant in Montreal, by Brire, Gilbert + Associs (multi-unit residential projects); and the residence Lalancette-Ruel in Quebec City, by Annie Lalancette Architect and Nelson Ruel Architect (interior design projects).

A new award this year is the Children’s Choice: beginning last September, 100 kids from five Quebec schools participated in a program to awaken their sense of architecture. They chose as their favourite building the Pavillons Lassonde de l’cole polytechnique Montral. A finalist for honourable mention in the category of sustainable development, the project was carried out by a consortium made up of Saia Barbarese Topouzanov Architectes/Desnoyers Mercure et Associes/Menks Shooner Dagenais Le Tourneux Architectes. (See also “Best of Canada,” page 32.)

A book entitled Parcours comment d’une architecture gagnante (a narrated tour of winning architecture) pays tribute to all winners and finalists. A number of festivities take place this fall in each of the winning locations.