Awards of Excellence


Cape zio

Category: Retail Spaces

Interior designer: Diego Burdi

Design team: Tom Yip, Jeremy Mendonca and Janice Kee-Son

Walls, ceilings and floors merge into each other. Space is distorted and the store becomes a sculptural installation in itself.

02 Full Scale + Partners Inc.

Offspring Interior Design Show 2007

Category:Marketing Centre

Interior Designer: Jenny Lee

Design team: Yvonne Ho

If it’s good enough for bees: the honeycomb’s hexagonal shape may be an ideal form for dense urban living.

03–Cecconi Simone

“X” the Condominium

Category: Marketing Centres

Interior designers: Anna Simone and Elaine Cecconi

Design team: Pauline Ayoub

The black, white and grey sales centre is forward-looking, combining the worlds of high fashion and interior design.

04–Smith Grimley

Harris Design Partners


Category: Marketing Centres

Interior designer: Carol Smith

Design team: Monica Sarkisian

A wall of seeds speaks to the history of Ojon, a hair-care enterprise revolving around ingredients found only in Central American rainforests.