Shaw Industries Founding Reporter of The Climate Registry

Shaw Industries Group, Inc. announced today that the company is a Founding Reporter of The Climate Registry among a select group of just over 200 founding reporting entities. The Climate Registry is a non-profit organization established to measure and publicly report greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in a common, accurate and transparent manner consistent across industry sectors and borders. Thirty nine U.S. states, eight Canadian provinces, six Mexican states, three Native American tribes, and the District of Columbia are the founders of the organization. The Registry sets consistent and credible standards for the measurement, verification and public reporting of greenhouse gas emissions throughout North America in a single unified registry.

Leading corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations in North America participate as reporters within The Climate Registry. States, tribes and provinces, known as members, make up the board of directors. The Registry encourages voluntary early actions to increase energy efficiency and decrease GHG emissions and supports a wide variety of programs that reduce GHG emissions. The Registry’s goal is to provide an accurate, complete, consistent, transparent and verified set of greenhouse gas emissions data supported by a robust reporting and verification infrastructure. The success of The Climate Registry will provide proof that companies like Shaw stand ready today to report their greenhouse gas emissions within a rigorous framework and to take actions to reduce their carbon footprints.

As part of The Climate Registry, Shaw will calculate, verify and publicly report GHG emissions annually. “Shaw is serious about energy reduction. From becoming a Founding Reporter of The Climate Registry, to committing in partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy to a 25 percent reduction in energy intensity, Shaw will continue to lead the industry in environmental sustainability while providing consistent and measurable results regarding the company’s Shaw Green Edge promise,” said Rick Ramirez, Shaw’s vice president of sustainability and environmental affairs. “Shaw Industries is honored to work with The Climate Registry in leading the industry in reducing GHG emissions.”

In the course of Shaw’s environmental journey, the Shaw Green Edge was developed as an environmental communication platform in November 2006 to include many of the company’s environmental and social initiatives as reflected in Shaw’s products, operations and people. In April, Shaw’s executive team expanded the meaning and purpose of the Shaw Green Edge as defining the company’s sustainability business platform to drive business performance, innovation, growth and productivity. According to Shaw Chief Executive Officer Vance Bell, sustainability fully defines Shaw’s business model as the foundation necessary to continue positioning Shaw as the industry leader today and in the future.