Some Like It Hot


After four years of success with its b3 line, German manufacturer bulthaup has added two new systems to its portfolio. The latest is b2, designed by Vienna-based Eoos.

This system re-imagines the kitchen as a workshop, based around a central workbench that contains the two key elements of the room: fire and water. This evolution of the classic bulthaup workbench is fully customizable, unlike its predecessor. Constructed from separate modules for the cooktop, sink and preparation areas, the main workspace can be updated for expanding families, repositioned to suit changing needs, or even packed up and moved to a new residence. The b2 kitchen focuses on functionality: everything is accessible, but everything can also be tucked away to maintain a clean, simple look. Appliances are housed in veneered cabinets, which feature a unique new hinge design that allows the doors to twist around and rest parallel to the sides of the unit. The units are available in various configurations to hold the fridge, oven and dishwasher.

Storage for cooking utensils and dry goods is provided in the ingeniously named “kitchen tool cabinets.” These free-standing units are also fully customizable with options like storage jars and bins, and a knife rack that can removed and attached to the workbench for easier access while cooking. An aluminum back wall is optional; the surfaces are in oak or walnut, which complement the grey sandstone and stainless steel that are also part of the b2 palette.