Tuohy now represented in Toronto

Tuohy has announced that its collection of modern office furnishings is now being represented in Toronto by H Squared Canada. Although available in the Western Canadian regions of Vancouver and Canmore, Tuohy has never been represented in the eastern Ontario area.

“We are extremely pleased to be associated with such a reputable organization as H Squared,” says Bernard Tuohy, vice president of marketing. “Business conditions being as they are, we think that the Canadian market will have an even greater appreciation for the modern design aesthetics of our line, and find great value in a product being responsibly made here in southeastern Minnesota.”

H Squared is a multi-line furniture representative catering to the medium to high end corporate and hospitality market. In its Polson Street showroom, Tuohy plans to present lounge, executive and conference room designs, the newest of which are Uffizi executive, conference and administrative furniture and a collection of lounge seating and tables by architect John Nelson.