Can you feel it?

Combining technological advances with environmental awareness; Trend USA introduces a new collection of glass mosaics called FEEL. Creating unique beauty from recycled glass bottles, the FEEL collection contains a minimum of 80% post consumer recycled glass. The palette of 12 colors is derived from the natural shades found on land (greens and browns), sea (shades of blue) and white, grey and black to anchor the collection and provide contrast. The subtle variegation of the earth toned colors mirror the effect of dappled sunlight. The ” x ” opaque and finely textured tiles can be purchased as a single color or incorporated into a myriad of patterns from sophisticated and elegant to funky and classical. More information about FEEL and all the recycled collections available at Trend USA can be found at Andrea Di Giuseppe, Trend CEO is leading the company’s commitment to produce collections that deliver inspired design and innovative technology while minimizing the impact on the environment. “I feel that our commercial and environmental objectives must work hand in hand to deliver sustainable outcomes. FEEL is the result of the ecological principles that must now inform all of our choices.” The FEEL collection can be found at tile retailers throughout North America. For specific locations, please call #1.866.508.7363. To view the entire array of Trend USA decorative surface collections, please visit is an international manufacturer and distributor of mosaic tile and surface collections that reflect an awareness and respect of the earth’s natural and limited resources. Trend has captured a lively spirit that celebrates Italian artistic tradition with intelligent technology and creative innovation. Unconventional combinations of materials and colors, recycled glass, artistic collaborations, and unique textures enhance commercial and residential applications around the globe.