Haworth at 60

On November 13, Haworth, Inc. celebrated its 60th anniversary at its global headquarters One Haworth Center. A member reception featured Dick Haworth, Chairman of the Board, commemorating Haworth’s West Michigan roots, growth to becoming a world leader in the design and manufacture of office furniture and organic workspaces, and dedication of nearly 8,000 members world-wide.”I’m honored to celebrate the journey we’ve taken to providing workspace solutions anywhere in the world with the highest standard of quality,” said Dick Haworth, Haworth Chairman. “I celebrate our members’ passion for serving our customers, embracing change, continuously pursuing greater effectiveness, striving for excellence in quality, and striving to make the world a better place to live. These are the values which define Haworth and are the same values on which Haworth was founded.” HistoryInnovation and flexibility have been Haworth cornerstones since the company was founded in 1948. These principles remain the driving force today, as Chairman Dick Haworth and President and CEO Franco Bianchi lead a worldwide effort to create great, adaptable workspaces.Originally known as Modern Products, the company’s founder G.W. Haworth was driven by two dreamsto start his own business and to put his five children through college. Today, those dreams have led to Haworth becoming a global leader in workspace solutions, with quality products and customer-focused members propelling the company’s growth.In the beginning, Modern Products represented a variety of wood products. In 1954, the company shifted focus to office environments with the development of modular office partitions, predecessors of panel systems. The company name was changed in 1976, with the introduction of the world’s first pre-wired modular panel. That year, Dick Haworth also became President and CEO. Business remained centered around office furniture systems until the early 1980s, when office seating was added to Haworth’s product offering. Since then, the company has continued to move toward complete workspace solutions.In the late 1980s, Haworth expanded globally in North America, Europe and Asia, and continued to achieve more industry firsts. Haworth also earned awards for sustainability, leadership, community service and member job satisfaction.In 2005, Franco Bianchi became the president and CEO after more than 10 years with Haworth in Europe, and Dick Haworth assumed a new position as Chairman of the Board.In 2008, the new One Haworth Center opened in Holland, MI showcasing the best of the company’s adaptable, sustainable and user-focused innovations.Today the family-owned private Haworth, Inc. operates in three geographic sectors: North America, Europe, Asia/Pacific. Haworth connects suppliers and more than 600 independent dealers with 24 ISO-9001 registered manufacturing sites in 10 countries and offer products and services in over 120 countries.