Scavolini presents Green Mind

Think green. Scavolini’s mission for 2009. With the start of the new year, Italy’s leading kitchen brand since 1984 confirms their great sensitivity towards environmental and ecological matters, and their solid commitment to protecting the environment. Although Scavolini have always ‘done their bit’ by reducing waste and discards, complying with standards, and monitoring and reducing the consumption of resources, their new resolution goes much, much further.


The value of Italian manufacture today enters a new era. Not only are we famous for design and quality, but today’s environmental matters are increasingly driving economic development and technological and scientific innovation.


In line with this trend, Scavolini has founded Scavolini Green Mind, an ambitious, eco-sustainable project that sees the company more and more involved in safeguarding the environment and resources on all company levels: as from January 2009, Scavolini is now using Idroleb ecological panels in all kitchen structures. These panels boast the lowest emission of  formaldehyde recorded worldwide. And it does not end here, Scavolini has also chosen to use energy exclusively from Zero Impact® renewable sources.


Scavolini has chosen the Idroleb ecological panels produced by the Mauro Saviola Group, as these meet the dual objective of safeguarding the environment and paying maximum attention to consumer health. The panels are 100% prepared with post-consumption FSC certified wood, with the lowest emission of formaldehyde worldwide, with values even falling below the limits set by the extremely severe Japanese standards F****, quoting an emission level of 0.4 mg/l, whilst IDROLEB panels guarantee a level of 0.3 mg/l.


As of 1st January 2009, the Scavolini Group has chosen ZeroE Planet for all its energy requirements. This electrical energy is produced exclusively from renewable sources that have Zero Impact® on the environment, due to a collaboration between Edison, leaders in the field of energy, and LifeGate, who have been working on spreading the values of the eco-culture since 2001, with sustainable development projects.

ZeroE is the first RECS International certified renewable energy with Zero Impact®: thanks to an agreement with LifeGate, all CO2 emissions, whether from the construction of production plants to sales, relative to the supply of electrical energy, will be offset by the plantation and protection of forest areas, in the Ticino Park in Italy, and in the ‘Karen Mogensen’ reserve on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Preliminary estimated energy consumption reports that, in this way, the Scavolini Group will contribute to the reforestation of an area of 85,000m².


With Scavolini Green Mind, the company strengthens and expands its contribution to the training and spread of a new way of living and doing business, one which is more aware and respectful of the environment, and which continues along the path that began with the certification of the Environmental Management System, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14001 standards, obtained in 2004, and with the LAIPP project for the continual improvement of environmental performance throughout the whole of the product’s lifecycle.


To best support this project, Scavolini has launched the new website to present their company values and objectives in terms of eco-sustainability, report on the concrete actions implemented by the company to protect the environment, and also provide valuable practical advice and suggestions to help consumers make their lifestyles more eco-compatible, reducing the environmental impact of their everyday actions.