Teknion In Calgary

Green is the theme of Teknion’s newly redesigned showroom in the heart of Calgary. Showcasing Teknion products designed to address the latest trends in today’s evolving workplace, the light and airy 4,700-square-foot space was planned with LEED certification guidelines in mind.

Featuring such new products as the District furniture system, Marketplace worktable, Optos glass wall and Fitz task seating, the showroom was designed by Vanderbyl Design and Teknion’s in-house showroom facilities team. Light is a key element: windows on two sides of the building provide plenty of natural light, which is an important part of an energy-efficient lighting strategy; the main display area has low partition heights and glazing to allow light to penetrate the space; and Teknion’s new Finland White panel fabric has been specified across the product portfolio, as white reflects light and can contribute to creating a healthy, productive workplace. Other elements include bamboo flooring in the reception area and an organic wall created from recycled post-industrial waste.

A highlight of the showroom is fashion designer Annie Thompson’s 10 “fashion sculptures” — created entirely from environmentally friendly contract furniture fabrics available only from Teknion.