Smart lighting

BAZZ, the Canadian company that is the industry leader in the design and production of recessed lighting, is proudly introducing North America’s first generation of recessed lamps for the GU24 socket compact fluorescent bulb. The lamps are ENERGY STAR certified. Why choose these new products? “According to ENERGY STAR, consumers that choose this new fixture and bulb combination can expect to reduce their electricity consumption and costs by up to 66% compared to a standard lighting fixture,” said lise Benghozi, director of sales and marketing for BAZZ. “Consumers will be able to benefit from the long lifespan of this GU24 compact fluorescent bulb, which lasts a minimum of five years, which is 5-to-10 times longer than an incandescent bulb.” The fixtures, called CFL100 (18w) and CFL400 (23w) are available exclusively at all of the major home improvement retailers across Canada, at the suggested retail price of $24.99, bulb included. In Qubec, with the purchase of this lighting-fixture combination and Hydro-Qubec’s Energy Wise program currently in effect, every consumer will receive a rebate of up to $15 per fixture for a maximum of five fixtures per household. ($15 X 5 fixtures). An enlightened choice A long lifespan, reduced maintenance, warm light, energy efficiency, safe and easy installation these are all the features that contemporary lighting should be based on. They are the result of research and development that strives for top-quality lighting, compatible with the environment. This is how the new BAZZ recessed light fixtures were made-to-measure for the ENERGY STAR approved compact fluorescent bulb with the GU24 socket. ”This new lighting fixture is the result of more than a year’s research and development,” stated BAZZ vice-president Simon Benghozi, “we wanted to rethink the lighting parameters. Nowadays, there are many consumers that are looking for low-energy consumption bulbs.” About BAZZ inc.2009 marks BAZZ’s 30th year in the lighting business. The company is currently the uncontested leader in the Canadian recessed lighting market. BAZZ designs and manufactures various types of lamps, not only recessed fixtures but also pendant and wall lamps, ceiling fixtures, tracks and spots. Its products are available in more than 500 points of sale across Canada, at home improvement retailers. BAZZ also conducts business in Mexico and the United States. To shed more light on the company, please go to the website: About ENERGY STARThe Natural Resources Canada Office of Energy Efficiency strives to publicize the ENERGY STAR international symbol of high efficiency throughout Canada. For further information on the promotion and use of the ENERGY STAR symbol in Canada, please go to the following website: