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Making the best even better, Benjamin Moore had added Aura Bath & Spa paint to its highly acclaimed line up of ber-performance waterborne interior coatings. Setting this new formulation apart is its matte finish, a sheen that, until now, was prohibitive in a high-moisture environment and overruled by the experts in favour of glossier options.”With the introduction of Aura Bath & Spa matte finish, Benjamin Moore proves once again it is the innovator, defying conventional belief that only a higher sheen paint can be recommended for a bathroom,” said Carl Minchew, director of product development. “The beauty and appeal of Aura, and the reason it has so instantly shot up to be the top premium paint choice among paint contractors, design professionals and specifiers, are its unparalleled performance characteristics plus its low-VOC eco-friendly nature. These traits remain a constant in this line extension.”Specially formulated by Benjamin Moore’s engineers to lock out moisture and keep it from penetrating the film, Aura Bath & Spa can withstand heat and humidity, whether in a home’s master bath or a resort spa’s facility. Even the steamiest showers will not affect the paint’s performance. The matte finish retains its subtle appearance and colour integrity thanks to Aura’s proprietary Colour Lock technology, which also yields extraordinary hide and one of Aura’s most astounding promises: Never more than two coats are needed, regardless the colour. What’s more, Aura Bath & Spa is resistant to mildew and stains, easy to clean, and is exceedingly durable. The low-VOC, low-odor trait not only ensures a safer environment, but also means a faster return to the room’s functionality.As is true for all of Benjamin Moore’s products that are built on the new waterborne colourant platform, Aura Bath & Spa is available in any of the nearly 1,800 colours offered by the company or can be colour-matched to any specification.For more information on Aura Bath & Spa paint go to,