Bath trends in Frankfurt

A whopping 202,000 visitors made their way to the leading international bathroom trade show ISH in Frankfurt, which took place March 10 14. With 2,361 companies from 58 countries, the Frankfurt exhibition grounds were fully booked, as was the case at the last event in 2007. Following are a few unique new trends that emerged during the show. SOFT & ORGANIC: The Palomba Collection by Italian designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for Laufen, wowed ISH visitors with its lagoon-shaped basins, toilets whose curves looked like they had been eroded by the ocean, and pebble shaped bathtubs. Roberto Palomba was at the Laufen booth to share his vision with passersby. OPPULENCE: Another theme that reigned at ISH was that of opulence. The Masque de Femme Collection by THG is the epitome of elegance featuring both enamel and Lalique crystal. Fixtures from the luxury bathroom collection feature a bas-relief pattern in crystal, which is set atop each cross handle. Enamel adorns the cross handles on all four sides with a palm-frond motif either in black, grey and white or red and beige. FASHION TO FURNISHINGS: Many leading names from the fashion world are immersing themselves in the home dcor realm these days. Check out the new Poemes Collection by THG. This elegant and chic bathroom collection features feminine fixtures designed by Parisian lingerie legend Chantal Thomass. MINIMALISM FOR THE CITY / LOFT LIVING: With space at a minimum in most of today’s metropolitan areas, a trend that emerged at this year’s ISH was that of minimalist bathroom furnishings. Sonia’s Versatile Collection in bold black and white (which was also a noted trend at the show) features compact wall-mount bath consoles, which are built to one’s specific storage requirements.