What has the DX done for us lately?

Architecture is connected to virtually everything we do, every part ofsociety, and every human interaction, but do we know how to design intoday’s world? Are we aware of the immense interconnectedness ofarchitecture to every facet of our lives? By exploring architecture throughthe lens of economics, equality, emotion, health, and the environment, wecan discover the potential and the power of mobilizing global citizens tobecome the architects of the future built environment. The Design Exchange is excited to host. on April 15, the global launch of What Has Architecture Done For You Lately?, an exhibit creating a new vernacular around architecture as a critical social and global issue challenging our world today. It highlights architecture as it intersects with every aspect ofour lives. The exhibition which uses conceptual art to generate dialogue explores how best to transcend the stereotypes surrounding architecture,so as to make it dynamic, accessible, and generate awareness that everyglobal citizen is actively involved in this discipline whether consciously orsubconsciously. Curated by Zahra Ebrahim, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of archiTEXT, and Innovator in Residence at Design Exchange. The idea was chosen as one of 10 winners of the NUFF Global Climate Change Film Festival competition in Tromso, Norway as well as a winner of the 2008 Mediterranean Environmental Award of the United Nations Environmental Programme. The exhibition will be traveling internationally in partnership with a charrette series, an education program and a publication set for release in 2010. What Has Archicture Done For You Latley runs from April 15 to May 31, at the DX’s Exhibition Hall.