It was my fourth and final visit, over two days, to the Baccarat booth at the Maison & Objet show in Paris. What kept drawing me back was a row of nine astonishing objects, ranging in height from about 12 to 24 inches, glittering and gleaming under expert lighting. Making their world debut at M&O, they comprise the Crystal Candy Set by “it” designer Jaime Hayn — a collection as sure, playful and poignant as the young Spaniard’s best work.

The more I looked, the more I appreciated the artistry involved: the feminine curves and jewel-like colours; the variation in thickness and texture of crystal and ceramic; the recurring and shifting shapes and motifs. The more I looked, the more I appreciated the Crystal Candy Set’s sheer joyfulness.

Each of the nine objects is available in a numbered and limited edition of 25. Since prices range from about $18,000 to $26,000, the likelihood of me ever owning one is nil. Nevertheless, I tried to choose a favourite.

Would it be Blackberry Freeze, its thick amethyst crystal so saturated with colour you could get a head rush? Would it be Lucky Green, for its electric combo of emerald green crystal — embedded with shamrock patterns — and copper ceramic? Or would it be Red Passion Golf, its clear crystal base cut with a giddy golf ball motif topped by smooth crystal of the most melodramatic ruby red imaginable?

But wait. What about the pristine Harcourt Lolly, its mismatched “ears” providing a touch of the designer’s characteristic whimsy? Or BonBon Treasure, providing more than a touch, its gold engraving a testament to Hayn’s teenage submersion in skateboard culture and graffiti art? Or, for that matter….

In the end, I couldn’t make a decision. The kid-in-the-candy-store in me won out. I liked them all. I liked them all together. I wanted them all. I still do. CI