You and nora

Nora systems, Inc., manufacturer of nora rubber flooring, has just launched its new brand, “nora, All About Flooring, All About You.” The new brand celebrates the critical role customers play as a catalyst for high-performance, environmentally friendly solutions born of innovative design.

“‘All About Flooring, All About You’ is something you will see and
experience everywhere nora is present, and is much more than a new tag line or mantra for us,” says Dennis Schmick, president, North America, nora systems, Inc. “It is a brand statement that we live each and every day through our determined efforts to fully understand the needs and challenges of our customers — the talented architects and designers who specify and provide elegant, sustainable solutions, as well as the contractors and building owners who use our floor coverings.”

According to Schmick, the brand is about working together: listening to customers; learning their business; understanding how they use nora products; and developing solutions that meet their often unique challenges in renovation, new construction or the “greening” of projects.

“You as the customer are our main focus and top priority,” says Schmick. “Our products are designed with you and manufactured for you. Our service teams revolve around you. From the earliest project discussions through collaboration and execution of ideas, nora is here for you, meeting your needs and bringing your vision to life with the best flooring solution possible.”

A new capabilities brochure will help to articulate the “All About Flooring, All About You” approach to business. The brochure describes the company’s collaborative process, knowledge of building segments, performance-driven flooring solutions and commitment to sustainability, which work together to support the goals, meet the challenges and ensure the success of nora customers.

Years of collaboration with industry-specific specialists on a variety
of projects have equipped nora with the expertise to offer flooring
solutions for a wide spectrum of building segments, including healthcare, education, industry, transportation, public buildings, shops and retail chains and sports facilities.

“Our history is rich with research, engineering, design and knowledge,” Schmick says. “But the satisfaction of our customers is the true measure of our success. And satisfaction comes from collaboration — working closely with our customers to understand their unique challenges and applying our specialized knowledge to respond to their needs with perfected solutions that ensure their success.

According to Schmick, the brand will be integrated into all external
communications, including a new print campaign launched this spring and a refreshed nora website to follow later this summer. A new product catalogue, segment brochures and sampling system will also support the “All About Flooring, All About You” brand.

To learn more about the “All About Flooring, All About You” brand, visit the nora website at