From blue box to concrete

In a bold move that will break barriers for builders and the environment, Atlas Block has become the first in the industry to incorporate post-consumer recycled glass in their entire line of products, including concrete masonry units, masonry veneers and landscape products.  Intensive research has led to the development of a lightweight block that utilizes revolutionary Poraver technology, a post-consumer recycled material manufactured from glass collected through municipal blue box programs, and is exclusive to Atlas Block. The PCR Block with up to 30 per cent Poraver has the advantage of contributing to significantly more LEED credits for builders and sets a new environmental standard for the industry.  

While Atlas Block continues to include post-industrial waste in all of its products, the introduction of up to 30 per cent post-consumer recycled glass (including unusable coloured glass) substantially reduces consumer landfill waste and increases eligibility for LEED Recycled Material credits. If Atlas Block used only one per cent Poraver in its products, it would decrease consumer glass waste in Ontario landfill sites by 1.9 million bottles annually. The Atlas PCR Block contains 30 per cent post-consumer recycled glass – setting a new standard for recycling and conservation in the concrete industry.

Poraver technology processes recycled consumer glass by crushing it into a fine powder, refining it into light weight pellets that expand and generate a fine-pored granulate which is used in the production of Atlas Block’s concrete mix. The result is a high-performance concrete product that is non-toxic, chemically stable, mold proof, odourless, has excellent noise and heat insulation values, and is unaffected by moisture. Atlas Block PCR Block is a high-quality, durable concrete product tested to exceed industry standards. 

Because of its high percentage of post-consumer recycled material, along with other qualities that support sustainable design, Atlas Block PCR Block helps contribute to the commercial, industrial and institutional building sectors pursuit of LEED certification credits under the categories of Sustainable Sites, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, and Innovation & Design Process. 

The revolutionary nature of Atlas Block’s new product offerings is commanding the attention of builders, developers and professionals industry wide. PCR Block is already being used for the world-class media centre at the prestigious 2010 G8 Summit to be held in Huntsville, Ontario.  Atlas Block is contributing to a more sustainable building industry by ensuring the future of concrete is as clear as glass.