Invista Launches New Antron Carpet Fiber Designed to Perform Award

Invista has announced the call for entries for the new Antron Carpet Fiber Designed to Perform Award, which recognizes commercial interiors designed with long-term performance in mind. The deadline for entries is Thursday, September 10, 2009.  

“The longevity of commercial interiors is becoming a top priority for specifiers and their clients as they look to maximize their investment and benefit the environment,” said Bobby Berrier, vice president for Invista commercial interiors.  “We are introducing the new Antron Carpet Fiber Designed to Perform Award because we want to honor innovative commercial interiors that are designed for performance and built to last.”


The award is open to all commercial interiors projects that feature installations of Antron carpet fiber in the United States and Canada completed after September 1, 2007.  Entries will be accepted in the categories of Retail, Showroom, Education (K-12), Education (Higher Ed), Public Spaces/Institutional (airport, museum, convention center, church, library, government-non-office), Large Office, Small Office, Healthcare and Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, spas, casinos, resorts).


Projects will be judged on:


·         If the space has been designed to meet high-performance criteria (eg., long-term installation, heavy foot traffic, challenging ambient/environmental conditions)

·         If carpet specification was a key factor in achieving project goals

·         The overall creativity, originality and versatility of the design

·         The ability of the design to withstand the test of time relative to the client’s aesthetics, performance and sustainability goals

·         Use of high-performance materials that are long-lasting and function well over time

·         Ability to meet the project’s long-term financial expectations (eg., minimal replacement, reduced maintenance, lower life-cycle costs)


Entries will be judged by a distinguished panel of a building owner/manager, architect, designer, facility manager, environmental consultant and a dealer.


Invista also announces the fifth Antron  Carpet Fiber Sustainable Flooring Performance Award, which recognizes sustainable practices through the use of performance driven flooring choices in commercial applications. Entries will be judged on how well the original carpet selection continued to meet the client’s performance and design objectives, and the ability of the design to meet the client’s business objectives and challenges over time as a result of sustainable material selection.


Winners will be notified in January 2010. For more information and to enter, please visit or contact an Antron Fiber Consultant.