Fire and ice (July 01, 2009)

You’re not likely to miss the new Sub-Zero/Wolf showroom, which recently opened on Toronto’s King Street East. Two walls of bright colour visually reach out to passersby, through the fully glazed storefront, making for a pretty eye-catching property, even in the midst of all the Design District eye candy.

It only gets better once you’ve been lured inside. Once through the doors you get a clear view of the soaring front space, graced on either side by product displays that designer Elaine Cecconi, of Cecconi Simone, has framed in luminous back painted glass. On one side, wrapped in true blue, you have the Sub-Zero display of refrigerators that make you wonder why anyone would ever want to camouflage a fridge among the cabinetry (though that is of course, an option in the product offerings). On the opposite side, ensconced in candy apple red, are the Wolf ranges and cooktops, with the commercial grade products displayed here in the front. On the reverse side of the Wolf display, cooktops are stacked below the countertops, pulling out like drawers. This allows space for all products to be available for clients to see first hand, not just the newest or most popular.

The vibrant red and blue not only represent the hot and cold nature of the products’ functions, but the branding colours that were associated long before the two brands joined in 2000. The reflective nature of the glass creates a slightly varied look, depending on the light washing through the front.

At the centre of the showroom is an area that shows some of the products in a contemporary setting, and beyond other compositions show the products in traditional and loft contexts. The showroom will also be able to host events, with a lounge, a dining room and a fully functional pro kitchen at the back, to show off the products in action. CI