Against the grain

Trove, a New York — based design company known for its nature-inspired products, has just introduced a groundbreaking line of eco-friendly wood veneer wallcoverings, manufactured using regional and rapidly renewable materials. Several varieties of FSC-certified wood are used to produce these distinctive wallcoverings, including maple, oak, cherry, walnut, birch and bamboo. The actual appearance of the wood grain is preserved and visible through the different designs, applied as a transparent layer of colour, enhancing rather than competing with the wood’s natural patterns. Trove’s 20 standard designs are offered, as well as custom design and colour.

Similar in thickness to conventional wallcoverings, the wood veneer has a clay-impregnated, cotton-based fabric backing. Following installation, it’s possible to seal or finish the veneer to create a matte or glossy finish. The product can be installed directly on drywall.