Green pages

Leigh Stringer, VP of global architectural firm HOK, is an expert on sustainable workplace behaviour, operating and design. She is founder of, an influential blog that shares insights on workplace issues, green design and green policy changes. Now she has written a timely first book, The Green Workplace, published by Hill & Knowlton.

Stringer points out that companies can no longer function the way they did 20 years ago: governments are demanding increased energy efficiency, retiring baby boomers are leaving young and environmentally conscious employees in their wake, and the ailing economy has corporate spending under heavy scrutiny. Employers need to re-evaluate how business gets done, and employees need to change how they work and live.

The Green Workplace demonstrates how green businesses can reduce costs, enhance productivity, improve recruitment and retention, encourage employees to green their actions, increase shareholder value and contribute to a healthier natural environment. Real-world examples from well-known companies — among them Google, Sprint, Adobe, Cisco Systems and Texas Instruments — make Stringer’s book come alive.