Green Roof + Carport

Not just an oasis in the city but a secret garden, this carport with laneway-only access conceals its expansiveness and complexity from passersby. The design fulfills several objectives. The client wanted to walk the green talk by building a green roof on his carport – to make the rear entry to his home as powerful as the front entry, gain extra living space without extending the house’s footprint, and enhance the view from his bedroom window.

A simple materials palette of ipe wood, stainless steel and concrete balances the greenery, consisting of ornamental grasses, vines, hedges and a venerable walnut tree. The planting also serves to soften the hard landscaping elements, which include an integrated “fireplace” in the back wall of the garden for candle burning. Planters and blinds on the sides give privacy from adjacent properties. The parking pad does double duty, sans the car, as an overflow entertainment space.

Tempting though it may have been to turn the carport’s top into a usable roof deck, this surface is only accessible by a temporary ladder for maintenance purposes, in accordance with city bylaws (and courtesy to the neighbours).

With its comfortable seating, lush greenery and extensive nightscape lighting, the carport garden makes the perfect summer setting for that Rodgers and Hammerstein song “Some Enchanted Evening.”

Design team: principal Anna Simone and Carlo Borrelli