Red Bull Lounge

Red Bull, the Austrian-developed energy drink, sells over three-billion units a year in over 130 countries. When the company isn’t sponsoring windsurfing, snowboarding, cliff-diving, freestyle motocross, breakdancing events or art shows and concerts, it’s busy marketing those sponsorships. One way is to park a campaign car with a giant Red Bull can strapped to the roof at an event, where the lure of a free Red Bull sample draws thirsty crowds.

Another method of building buzz is by hosting company parties. Enter SSDG, the new name and acronym for the venerable Vancouver design firm formerly known as Seeton Shinkewski Design Group. Charged with creating an event space adjacent to Red Bull’s Canadian office, in Vancouver’s Yaletown district, SSDG principal Susan Steeves opted for “an environment that reflected Red Bull’s relaxed and urban corporate culture and lifestyle, rather than the high energy of their drink product.”

Steeves and SSDG interior designer Keena Manley envisioned a multi-purpose room that would be a blank canvas. It is easily shaped with lighting and furniture to suit a variety of promotional events, such as premieres of videos documenting Red Bull sponsorships.

The bottom of the drink can was appropriated as a recurring motif. Circular lights highlight the dj booth, back bar and the exterior of the washrooms, where interior walls are clad in ceramic tiles with a circular pattern.

Working green, SSDG reused the existing wood columns and brick walls. The envelope provides urban-loft warmth and visual interest and makes a connection to the historic urban context.

Design team: Susan Steeves and Keena Manley

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