Fashion for the garden

Sywawa, the renowned Belgian parasol maker, combines the flashy world of design and haute couture and the respectable world of garden umbrellas. In this way, the Bruges-based company aims to breathe new life into a stuffy, traditional product. The Pampille is the latest creation from the Sywawa collection. Lucille Roybier, who lives and works in Paris, learned the tricks of the trade from Pierre Cardin.

Her Pampille garden umbrella has a unique double valance in two different colours. A slight breeze is enough to cause the two valances to flutter independently, creating a very special atmosphere, meant to evoke the lively, feminine fashion on Parisian catwalks.

The Pampille is the very first garden umbrella that makes use of modern laser technologies to cut difficult patterns out of the fabric, which would be impossible to realize with conventional methods.