Touchy-feely Roya

The world’s most touchy-feely wallcoverings has landed in North America. Roya Manufacturing has just introduced its new brand, Prime Walls – a line of commercial wallcoverings so alluring in beauty and texture they beg to be touched. With trend-setting designers from all over the world, Prime is set to make its mark with an ever-growing collection.

“We’re here to inspire the industry with our ‘touchy-feely’ approach to wallcoverings,” says Sandy Grguric, marketing director at Roya Manufacturing. “Thanks to our spectacular collection, Prime’s young reputation in Canada is already garnering excitement and this is only the beginning. We’re bringing North America a fresh new perspective on wall fashion.”

Roya Manufacturing operates globally and exports products to 32 countries within Asia, Europe and North America. To view its full line of wallcovering, visit .