Kriekels in closing

Jan Kriekels, art director and director of research and development at Jaga, an award-winning, energy-saving heating system manufacturer, will provide the closing remarks for the Conversations in Design: World without Oil Symposium presented Jan. 21, in conjunction with the Interior Design Show. Kriekels joins a notable list of leading designers and thought leaders from around the world who will share their experience in sustainable design, encouraging symposium attendees to imagine and create practices and products that are not dependent upon oil.

“As designers, we have the ability to change the way that people think about and engage in their environment,” says Kriekels. “There is no question that our environment is in jeopardy. By providing a forum for designers from around the globe to engage in this dialogue, we help secure a sustainable future for Canada.”

In addition to his responsibilities at Jaga, Kriekels is also the founder of Uchronia, a group of artists and innovators that challenge conventional thinking and processes in an effort to create a better, more sustainable future. Most recently, Kriekels and a team of Uchronians set sail for the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen aboard the Uchronia Arc to engage conversations around subjects pertaining to climate change.

The “Conversations in Design: World without Oil Symposium” will be held from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Jan. 21st at the Design Exchange in Toronto.