Lea Ceramiche in Milan

Lea Ceramiche has chosen Milan as the location of its first showroom. The project revolves around an innovative concept – a space that is not simply a room in which to present products, but an area that encourages interaction, designed to offer space for meetings, reflection and experimentation. The project was coordinated by Diego Grandi, who has come up with some of Lea’s most imaginative designs.

Close to the project manager, the architect, the final user and the whole city, the showroom of Lea Ceramiche is an open window to a company that, through it’s stoneware creations, has continually redefined ceramic tile

For the opening of the showroom, the first event was On the Rocks with Mauk, the latest collection of Lea Ceramiche. Mauk is manufactured using the revolutionary laminated stoneware slab Lea Slimtech. The potential of this product wasl be demonstrated through the different combinations and chromatic solutions of the three Slimtech modules.

An important project for a prestigious brand. The Lea Ceramiche space – 150 square metres on two levels – is located at number 3 on Milan’s via Durini.


For more info, visit  http://cts.vresp.com/c/?LeaCeramiche/bef5bb9d1c/e437a411a6/4bb048df9e