Hoodoo to-do

Designers John Greg Ball (Calgary) and Shoko Cesar (Edmonton) have just released a new six-foot version of the award-winning Hoodoo lamp to be displayed in 2010 Vancouver Olympics at the Alberta House pavilion.

The designers have partnered with Deglas (an international architectural acrylic company) and Klead Electric (a LED lighting business in Calgary). The added LED technology allows the user to control the colors by remote control, and offers a huge variety of RGB colors with the simple touch of a button. The Alberta artists’ exhibit features a custom series of the Meathead mirr, a laser-cut steerhead mirror in Alberta’s new colors.
The designers hope the exposure of the Olympics in Vancouver will help them find a permanent home for the new lamp in one of Alberta’s major cities.
More about the history of the Hoodoo Lamp: 
The Hoodoo Lamp was originaly made out of coroplast and 48″ tall.