An A+ for Allseating

Allseating, a leading manufacturer of seating solutions, is proud to announce its headquarters are ISO 14001 certified. This international specification is the gold standard for helping companies introduce and adopt environmental management systems.

“Over the years we’ve introduced various initiatives to minimize our environmental impact, but felt it was time to bring them together and formalize them into a clear and concrete plan our entire organization can take part in,” says Gary Neil, president and founder of Allseating. “So it was only natural for us to select ISO 14001 as our benchmark for measuring and executing our green goals.”

Designed for businesses large or small, ISO 14001 manages an organization’s environmental aspects and the impacts of its operations, while the organization works towards continuous improvement. Certification is a lengthy multi-step process, and is obtained through audits performed by third-party independent companies trained and licensed to perform audits specific to ISO 14001.

“Frankly, earning ISO 14001 certification offers us both environmental and economic benefits,” says Neil. “For example, using ISO as a guide, we’ve established a solid waste diversion program that is helping us identify ways to minimize the waste we generate, reuse materials wherever possible and recycle whatever is feasible. That’s undoubtedly going to have a positive impact on our bottom-line.”

ISO 14001 certification is simply one step Allseating has taken to reduce its corporate carbon footprint. Allseating chairs are all GREENGUARD Certified for indoor air quality, and may earn clients credits under the Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.