Vancouver’s revamped Teknion

“Open for business” could well be the motto of Teknion’s revamped Vancouver showroom. To brighten up and create a sense of openness within the 4,000-square-foot space, the in-house team removed barriers to natural light (including window screens along two walls); restricted panel heights to 51 inches or less; specified lighter finishes on the furniture and materials; and used energy-efficient lighting (controlled by daylight sensors).

Since District and the Leverage panel system are popular with B.C. architects and designers, “we are showcasing these products, particularly District,” says Frank Delfino, Teknion’s president of world markets. “District is the perfect furniture collection to address new workplace trends — it is elegant, functional and makes efficient use of smaller spaces.” Other products on view include the Marketplace worktable, W/R/S Wall Rail System, Expansion Desking line, reconfigurable Altos architectural wall, and Optos full-height seamless wall. Teknion’s broad seating collection (from Fitz and Contessa to Synapse and t-3) is well represented.

Neatly illustrating Teknion’s commitment to environmental issues, feature walls rescued from a trade show — which are water-jet cut from panels made of recycled white plastic bottles — are used for divisional purposes. Incorporated into several Teknion showrooms, such feature walls reinforce the company’s corporate design standards.

For a glimse at Teknion Vancouver’s opening event, see Who’s Who).