Update on Feria Hbitat Valencia

With just months to go before the exhibition opens, the leading ‘Made in Spain’ operators and a significant number of trend-setting European manufacturers have confirmed that they will be exhibiting at Feria Hábitat Valencia.  As well as the Spanish manufacturers, companies from Portugal, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria, Norway, Japan, the United States, Lithuania, Ecuador, Brazil, France, the Czech Republic and Indonesia, amongst others, will also be exhibiting their product ranges.

With a content that covers furniture, décor, lighting, home textiles, bedrooms, upholstery, contract and office furnishings and innovations for the home of the future, the showcase is cautiously optimistic given the response it is receiving from all segments of the interiors industry.

Feria Hábitat Valencia: a source of inspiration, ideas and suggestions for professionals

Feria Hábitat Valencia has taken its inspiration for its staging of this year’s exhibition from the metropolis and the rhythm of city life.  The fair includes furniture, décor, lighting, home textiles, outdoor living, upholstery, bedrooms, office furnishings and innovations for the home of the future.

A mould-breaking arrangement of the space, conceived by architect Héctor Ruiz, will transform Feria Hábitat Valencia into an urban landscape in which the stands are shop windows.  It is an evocative vision that highlights the uniqueness of the leading Made in Spain interiors fair.

Companies that use design as the main feature for creating a u.s.p., whether in classic or leading edge style products, will have a space of their own in La Galería (The Gallery), the special exhibition area dedicated exclusively to NEW PRODUCTS from Spanish and foreign manufacturers.

The “Lifestyle” sets will reflect the findings of an extensive piece of market research carried out by the Observatory for Trends in Interiors.  Created by Yonoh design consultants, En Proyecto, Estudihac and La Salamandra, the sets will feature original products from the leading Spanish manufacturers exhibiting at the  fair and that reflect different lifestyles.

Patricia Urquiola for the sustainability of the planet

Considered to be one of the most influential designers of interior furnishings in the world, Patricia Urquiola is heading up an exhibition in which several of Spain’s top designers are involved.

Her mastery of the language of design in the way she gives form to design concepts will be revealed once more in a new display that will illustrate her concern for the sustainability of the planet.  The exhibit hopes to convey how energy that is derived from natural sources that are inexhaustible – some on account of the vast quantities of energy they hold, others because they can regenerate naturally – has an influence on interiors.  The exhibit will be in Pavilion 6, which will house all Feria Hábitat Valencia’s avant-garde and contemporary product offering.

 CIPAI, the bridge that links Europe and Latin America

Feria Hábitat Valencia is to host the 1st Ibero-American Congress for the Interior Architecture Profession.  CIPAI will build bridges between European and Ibero-American interior architects, enabling them to gain insights into each other’s culture and how they perceive the practice of their profession.  CIPAI will offer a  wealth of content thanks to presentations from:  Patricia Urquiola; Mathias Klotz; Bruno Erpicum; Palomba & Serafini; Olivia Putman; Fabio Novembre; Isay Weinfeld; Studio Arthur Casas; King&Miranda; Minus and Isabel López amongst others.

 nude: creativity at its most vocal

In its ninth year now nude, the International New Design Show, will be opening its doors to young designers so that they can show their creations to manufacturers and retailers.  This is an initiative that since its inception has brought design practices to light that today are international benchmarks in the design of products for interiors.