Lebredt’s vision

The work of Canadian artist, Gordon Lebredt, is well known for its rigorous conceptualism and ambitious materiality. For more than 30 years, Lebredt has been proposing ambitious, unwieldy,  tangential, extreme, arid, brilliant architectural installations. These proposals take the form of  beautiful drawings in pencil and ink, stencils in black spray paint, digital renderings and maquettes.
Nonworks 1975-2008, a book project initiated by a group of artists, collects approximately 100 of Lebredt’s proposals that have not yet been realized.
The book will be co-published in the fall of 2010 by the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art  and Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art / Plug In Editions, and distributed by Art Metropole. It is being financed primarily through charitable donations and we need your help. Pre-orders will also help make this important project a reality.

For more information. go to www.ccca.ca/nonworks <http://www.ccca.ca/nonworks>  or contact Bill Kirby, director of the Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art.