Think pink

In recognition of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM), Victor Group has announced that it will once again partner with Steelcase in the offering of a limited-edition Think chair featuring pink fabric. The pink Think chair will be available exclusively through the online Steelcase store (  The purchase of a chair will enable the buyer to join the movement to support

“ is a great organization and we are proud to contribute to their fight against cancer,” says Robert Poel, Steelcase product manager. “With their purchase of this special pink Think chair, our customers will not only receive a fantastic office chair, they will also be helping support a great cause devoted to helping those facing breast cancer.” 

The pink fabric selected for the limited-edition Think Chair was created by Victor Group, a leading North American textile company and a major supplier of fabrics to Steelcase. Victor has manufactured the wool nylon blend fabric featured on the Think for many years, so the comfort and quality of this limited-edition chair will meet the same high standard that customers have come to expect from more traditional color offerings of this award-winning chair. 

“One of the reasons Victor Group has been able to sustain a long-term successful relationship with Steelcase is our similar views on a variety of business philosophies, including a commitment to community service,” says Charles Adams, chief officer of Product and Sales for Victor Group. “Our companies share common goals on this front, and we at Victor Group are pleased to partner again this year with Steelcase in our efforts to raise awareness and support the efforts of”

“This program provides a unique way for us to honor National Breast Cancer Awareness Month,” adds Poel. “We hope it will increase awareness and help provide support and resources for those facing breast cancer when they need it most.”