Absolutely floored

At NeoCon in June, and again at IIDEX/NeoCon Canada in September, a steady stream of visitors marvelled at a demonstration of an innovative new free-floating flooring installation system — from TacFast Systems International, based in Richmond Hill, Ont.

The TacFast LocPlate product line features a free-floating substrate with a hook element covering its surface and a flooring surface with a loop fabric covering the underside; the flooring surface attaches to the hook substrate by engaging the hooks and loops, creating a mechanical bond that holds the flooring surface in place securely, but is releasable. The benefits are many: the need for liquid adhesives and other installation materials is eliminated; little or no preparation to existing subfloor is necessary; no setup or curing time is needed for installations; the substrate is not attached to the subfloor and can be easily moved and reused anywhere.

Says Wendy Berney, TacFast’s senior VP of sales and marketing, “The environmentally conscientious substrate eliminates the need for adhesives, while hook-and-loop engagement simplifies repairs and retrofits, keeping floors looking fresh and clean.”

At NeoCon in Chicago, the demo took place at the permanent space of Pure Contract Carpets — the new stand-alone brand of carpet tile from Beaulieu Canada, the Quebec-based manufacturer and distributor of wall-to-wall carpet in Canada, which has formed a partnership with TacFast. Because Pure Contract’s carpet tiles get their stability from the LocPlate substrate, they are 70 per cent lighter than any other carpet tiles on the market.

TacFast LocPlate went over like gangbusters at NeoCon. Pure Contract Carpets, representing the installation system, was selected as the Grand Prize winner in the Environmental Solutions category for the Product Innovations Awards by Buildings Magazine.

At IIDEX/NeoCon Canada in Toronto, Beaulieu Canada not only introduced Pure Contract Carpets, but also debuted its first-ever made-in-Canada carpet tile, which will available in early 2011.

As for TacFast International, the company is also working with producers of other types of flooring, including hardwood and ceramic.