Seven wonders

1–It’s a hoot

Boss Design’s new Hoot stool is a colourful blend of versatility and playfulness. Its unique aesthetic and practical structure fits the mood of any reception, breakout, bar or lounge area. The distinctive design makes Hoot an eye-catching stand-alone element, but also allows the stools to nest together creating a multitude of configurations. The choice is given to decorators to either bench the stools together or stick to individually shaped formations. Hoot is available in a wide range of fabric choices to accompany any upholstery product.

2–It’s a zoo

2010 IIDEX/NeoCon Canada Innovation Awards, Bronze, Seating: Tables Children’s love of animals blends together with design with Nienkmper’s ZooDesk Collection by Silvio Russo Design World, ideal for children’s libraries, classrooms and other spaces that encourage creativity and learning in young minds. Crafted from sturdy, interlocking FSC plywood forms with laminate painted primary colours, the collection features various animal cut-outs. The stools, all measuring 11 by 11 by 13 inches, come in yellow cat, blue bison, green seal and orange deer, plus good old Canuck red maple leaf. The desks vary slightly in dimensions, but average 45 by 45 by 48 inches; they come in yellow cheese, blue bison, green elephant and orange deer.

3–Cutting-edge kitchen

As the name suggests, Hettich’s Kitchen Concept 2015 is kitchen design for the future, maximizing work surfaces and reducing the design to only what is needed at a given time. Appliances, sinks and taps disappear behind fascias when not in use; faucets can be electronically retracted and a shallow sink blends discreetly with the kitchen landscape. Overall, the kitchen becomes an interconnected environment where the appliances communicate with each other, using display screens to, for instance, display oven temperature and remaining cooking time. As well, the Internet, television and other building services can be controlled and operated from a central point.

4–The light stuff

2010 IIDEX/NeoCon Canada Innovation Awards, Best in Show, Innovative Lighting The Conflux family by Teknion includes the Adjustable Task Light, Desk Lamp, Floor Lamp and Undercabinet Light. The flat panel design demonstrates the evolution of LED technology resulting in a better quality of light, comparable to daylight, with less shadow and glare. The Conflux collection uses a more accurate Passive InfaRed (PIR) occupancy sensor that works based on body heat and detects a 360-degree coverage of human activity, which prevents premature shutdowns. Nine watts of ultra-low energy is used to generate 800 LUX of illuminating power and 3,500 Kelvin of warm white light, offering up to 55,000 hours of illumination.

5–Drawn in

Kids Glass from Skyline Design combines art and entertainment, encouraging interactivity and creative play in children, allowing them to finally draw on the walls. Easy to clean and marker-friendly, Kids Glass comes in 11 bold graphics with either an opaque, back painted, low-VOC water-based coating or on Eco-etch translucent glass. Engaging graphics allow children to try on different hairstyles, complete a maze, connect the dots or draw a picture. Kids Glass is available in various glass thickness and all glass sizes up to 72 by 144 inches.

6–Touch and go

Created with the busy working professional in mind, Tayco’s One-Touch Table is a simple and convenient solution to work training. Geared toward training scenarios, breakout rooms, touchdown stations and meeting rooms, it sets up with the touch of a button and, when not in use, nests together for easy storage. The table is available in a full range of laminate colours to complement any workplace environment.

7–Cookin’ good

The future of cooking is coming this December with Thermador’s Steam and Convection Oven, which combines benefits of health, versatility and convenience in one cooking appliance. This is an industry first, a steam oven that combines three distinct cooking solutions: steam, true convection, and combination of steam and convection. The oven allows multiple dishes to be cooked simultaneously without the risk of flavour transfer or the need for temperature adjustment. The design features an easy-to-use knob and touch-control panel with a clear digital display. The oven is also sized to fit a 30-inch microwave cutout so it can be easily integrated into existing kitchens.