Living colour

Modono Glass, technical leader in optical-thin firm technology has just announced a totally new and unique range of stunning glass tiles for residential or commercial applications.  Called the Modono Glass Tile Collection, the new tiles are manufactured utilizing dichroic (color changing) thin-film technology to manage color. The procedure involves coating the inside of the glass tile with optical thin films that control the transmission, reflection and absorption of specific light wavelengths.

This process produces a tile that is a prism of beautiful, changing color.  The specific light source, the angle of the light source, the angle of the viewer and the texture (pattern) of the surface all affect perceived color. The result is a glass tile with brilliant shifting colors that appear to change to viewers as they pass by.

The Modono Glass Tile Collection comes in several standard sizes, ranging from as small as 3″ X 3″ to as large as 12″ X 28″. The Collection is offered in four distinct series: Opulence, Vintage, Extreme and Organic. Each series has its own unique patterns, textures, and coatings to create different aesthetics for just about any application and taste. The series are designed and developed by nationally recognized designer Carrie Fazio, whose flare for dramatic designs can be seen in multiple projects nationwide.  

Applications for Modono Glass tiles include any internal or external space that can benefit by brilliant, shifting colors – such as in showrooms, of lounges.  A good example of this is the installation in the company dining room of the newly completed Constellation Brand World Headquarters in upstate New York.  “It’s fantastic, beautiful,” says Ginny Clark, vice-president of community affairs for Constellation Brands. “The Modono Glass is in a perfect spot. It builds off of the wood and the big open windows, and you can really see how beautiful the glass is.”  For more information about Modono Glass, go to