Josephson Opticians’ Light Skeleton

Iconic eyewear retailer Josephson Opticians celebrate 75 years with an ambitious architecturally integrated sculpture by Fragile Studio in its Bay and Bloor flagship Toronto store.

The radical new design is the brainchild of emerging architects Alexander Josephson and Pooya Baktash, co-founders of Fragile Studio.  Both are recent Masters of Architecture graduates from the University of Waterloo.  From inception to assembly of precision manufactured high-density paper sheeting cutouts, together they take a rebellious step through formal and material experimentation in contemporary architecture. 

Light Skeleton is a free-floating sculpture in the shape of light waves colliding within the store’s unique parabolic space and front window.  The elements of the design merge structure and shelving into one, providing visitors with the cutting edge retail experience Josephson Opticians is recognized for.

The free-floating multi-layered sculpture now houses the shop’s unparalleled collection of vintage glasses.