Awards for Allsteel

Allsteel Inc. has earned two 2010 GOOD DESIGN Awards from The Chicago Athenaeum and The European Center for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. Allsteel was honored in the furniture category for Stride Benching, a recent addition to the Stride family that was first honored with a GOOD Design Award in 2009. Also recognized was the Sit-to-Stand Worksurface, which works with any Allsteel systems product.

“It’s truly rewarding to again be honored by such an esteemed award,” says Jim Cahill, Allsteel’s vice-president of product development and management. “Allsteel continues to develop ways to meet changing business needs and both Stride Benching and the Sit-to-Stand Worksurface reflect that longstanding initiative.”

Allsteel partnered with Mitch Bakker and his firm, IDa Design to develop Stride, and the new Benching series features a sleek horizontal worksurface plane punctuated by vertical units that simultaneously offer space division and provide storage options. The Stride Sit-to-Stand Worksurface allows workers to intuitively adjust their desk surface height with the simple touch of a pneumatic lift that raises and lowers the surface vertically without extending out into the workspace and accommodating any job function at the most ergonomically appropriate height.