Pixels debuts

CGC Inc. has announced the launch of Pixels (TM), the first design product of its kind in Canada, aimed at the commercial marketplace. Pixels turns a CGC metal ceiling or wall-mounted panel system into a “canvas” upon which images can be displayed, transforming blank surfaces into customized, interactive visuals.

“Pixels exemplifies CGC’s tireless commitment to innovation and industry leadership,” says Scott Mahony, product manager – Ceilings, CGC Inc. “It opens the door to a new realm of creative possibilities for interior designers, architects, and their clients in the commercial arena.”

Pixels, enabled by Intelliperf Technology, software proprietary to CGC, displays images, such as photographs and company logos, via perforations of various sizes in metal panels. The perforations give the display an optical art appearance close up and resolve into a clear image when viewed from a distance. Pixels is available in CGC’s CELEBRATION, PANZ® (FL OR SQ) and CURVATURA ceiling panels and CELEBRATION wall panels. The perforations provide the panels with the added benefit of acoustic properties, making them ideal for interior spaces.

A colour or black and white image can be displayed on a single panel of 2’x 2′, 2’x 4′ or 2’x 6′, or displayed as a mural across multiple panels, with no upper limit to the size of the display.  Images can appear either as a negative, in which the light part of the image is perforated, or as a positive, in which the dark part is perforated. Typically, a higher-contrast image will produce a better result. CGC’s Ceilings Solutions Group will help qualify an image during the design process and a lighting consultant can advise on the best way to illuminate the display in order to achieve the desired effect.


There are a number of lighting options available, determined by the design parameters of the display. Fluorescent strip fixtures provide non-directional illumination of space.  Optional reflectors direct light downward and reduce upward spill light.  Point source incandescent or halogen fixtures enable the perforation pattern to be projected onto the walls and floors of the space. CGC’s optional white Acoustabond backer diffuses light to create an even glow. Programmable LEDs add an additional level of interest by changing the colour of the projected perforations.

Flexibility and Choice

Pixels provides the flexibility to choose between higher resolution images and lower resolution images, either for artistic considerations or to reduce cost.  Lower resolution images require fewer perforations which translates into a lower cost. As well, if an image takes up only part of the canvas, the entire surface has a smaller percentage of perforations overall, which also reduces costs.

Says Mahoney, “Now any space can be dramatically enhanced by incorporating images into the décor, simply, beautifully and cost effectively.”