Resol DD chairs win Product Design awards

Resol Dd chairs were the big winners at the International Interior Design Association’s (IIDA) 15th Annual Product Design Competition where they brought home awards in all seating categories. In particular, the Peach chair won in the individual seating category (individual-dining seating) while Trama won in the group seating category (series-dining seating).

The International Interior Design Association (IIDA) is a professional networking and educational Association of 13,000 Members in 10 specialty practice forums and 31 Chapters around the world.

The Peach chair by Resol Dd was designed by Joan Gaspar. Its uniqueness lies in its simplicity and modernity combined with a subtle look towards yesteryear. The Peach chair is an ideal solution for any type of space. Made from polypropylene using gas assist technology, it comes in a variety of colours, is stackable and very resistant. It’s perfect for indoor and outdoor settings and suitable for both home and contract use. Peach comes in 6 colours: white, black, red, chocolate, green and violet.

The Trama chair, whose singularity lies in the transparent effect of its back, is a new creation brought to us by the prestigious designer Josep Lluscà. Boasting optical transparency, Trama makes it possible to create unique settings, especially in spaces with a high number of chairs. It also provides enormous comfort to users as it allows for perspiration.

Trama comes in both chair and armchair models and in three colour groups: natural and soft tones, neutrals and brights. The different versions of the new chair make it an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor settings.