AGA Marvel ignites Canadian kitchens

La Cornue, a century-old artisanal producer of French ranges and rotisseries, has been officially brought to Canada by its parent company, AGA Marvel (the North American subsidiary of AGA Rangemaster Group plc based in Royal Leamington Spa, England). But more than just expanding well-designed kitchen appliances into a new market, La Cornue has taken this opportunity to unveil a new concept for creating entire kitchens that are harmonious living spaces embracing the French “joie de vivre”. The new Culinary Architecture approach to kitchen design considers how people feel in the space-the soul of the room-as well as esthetics and ergonomics.

La Cornue was invented in 1908, when founder, Albert Dupuy, patented a “gas-burning La Cornue Pastry Oven” that worked on the principle of natural circulation of hot air inside an oven “like a Metro archway.” This avoids ingredients drying out during cooking and remains a key to La Cornue’s success.

To make the kitchen experience cohesive, La Cornue now provides all of the elements, extending its culinary expertise from its artisanal ranges and rotisseries to the entire room, and includes wine cellars, cabinetry, refrigeration units, tables, prep and cleanup stations that include sinks and faucets. Even the necessary smaller pieces such as the La Cornue knives, utensils, racks and shelves are part of the new concept.

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