Kare package

Telegramme, Canada’s “Indie” art store, has launched a collection of limited-edition prints featuring the work of Susan Kare, the original graphics designer for Macintosh software. The Toronto-based specialized-print retailer is the exclusive location, bringing Kare’s prints back to her Canadian roots. They will be available both at the store in Toronto and online nationwide. The prints feature Kane’s original pixel art for Apple, and include such iconic designs as the Happy Macintosh and Watch.

Kare’s graphics and fonts defined the computer generation, and her designs bring a little nostalgia to a bright and modern print. Their limited availability makes them an exclusive and exciting opportunity for both die-hard Mac fans and art lovers alike.

Kare grew up in the U.S., but her father was Canadian. She has a Ph.D. in art history from NYU. Kare joined Apple Inc. after receiving a call from her high school friend, Andy Hertzfeld, in the early 1980s. Her business cards used to read “Macintosh Artist” and she designed many typefaces (such as Chicago and Geneva), icons and graphic elements for the Macintosh operating system. She has continued to work in design throughout the years – she spent time with Steve Jobs at NeXT after working at Apple and she now heads a digital design studio in San Francisco.

Telegramme is the exclusive carrier of these prints in Canada. Prints are available for purchase online and can be shipped across Canada. They’re also available at the boutique in Toronto’s recently hip Leslievile neighbourhood.