Teknion at Portage and Main

Teknion Corporation has opened a 2,200-square-foot showroom adjacent to Winnipeg’s cultural center, the Exchange District National Historic Site. “The downtown location ideally situates us in Winnipeg’s cultural hub, putting us closer to our clients, and positioning Teknion as a valuable resource for architects, designers and our dealers,” says Scott Deugo, chief sales officer, North America. “This new space will also better enable us to demonstrate the integration of our extensive product portfolio across several different applications that support today’s workplace trends.”

The new showroom doubles the amount of space afforded to display Teknion’s growing portfolio of dynamic workplace products. It also demonstrates how Teknion products are designed to integrate to support increased communication and collaboration throughout today’s workplace, while accommodating heads-down work.

Many of the latest workplace planning trends are depicted, including casual lounge areas, scenarios designed to support the specific needs of nomadic or temporary workers, workstations for permanent-address workers, private offices and meeting rooms. In keeping with contemporary open-plan office layouts, workstations and areas along the nearly full-height windows of the 15th floor are kept low to allow natural light to penetrate the space.

Teknion products featured in these modern workplace applications include Altos and Optos architectural wall systems, District and Leverage furniture systems, the Marketplace worktable, W/R/S Wall Rail System, Expansion Desking, Ledger storage, Livello height-adjustable tables, Audience tables, Teknion dna modular lounge seating, plus an extensive variety of other Teknion seating products.

“For nearly three decades, a Teknion Winnipeg showroom has served client needs in the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, plus Northern Ontario,” says Deugo. “This has been an important market for us. We anticipate future growth and look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with the Winnipeg A & D community. Our newest showroom positions us to meet these goals.”

As a bonus, the showroom is located at one of the most iconic street corners in Canada: the intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street. Tours can be arranged by contacting Teknion at 204.925.3360.