InterfaceFlor and Ray Anderson receive individual accolades

Citigroup’s Citi Realty Services (CRS) has named InterfaceFLOR, LLC its annual Global Environmental Vendor of the Year, and presented the flooring manufacturer with the “Emerald Citi Award.” InterfaceFLOR is one of 17,000 CRS vendors and has enjoyed a long-standing relationship with Citigroup that dates back to1989, well before the mergers and acquisitions that ultimately led to the financial giant’s current corporate identity.

“To be acknowledged with this award by one of the world’s most distinguished corporations and singled out from so many of its vendors is an honor we appreciate and is genuinely humbling,” said Michel Belland, InterfaceFLOR’s regional vice president, corporate account sales. “It is especially meaningful to be cited for our own environmental accomplishments as well as for the partnership we’ve forged together with CRS in achieving more sustainable initiatives in their business.”

Additionally, at the 240th Commencement celebration at Georgia Tech, Ray Anderson, founder and chairman of Interface, Inc., was awarded an Honorary Doctorate for his work to secure a greener world for future generations and his championing of the business case for sustainability. Anderson, a 1956 alumnus who was described at the ceremony as “the greenest chief executive in America,” joins the prestigious ranks of past honorary doctorate degree recipients such as former President and Nobel Prize winner Jimmy Carter, astronaut John Young, civil rights leader Ivan Allen Jr., micro-chip inventor Jack Kilby, and former U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole.