Local designer launches community-based product incubator

ideacious is a product design incubator created to enable the product ideas of designers and non-designers alike. Where the process of getting an idea to market has always been expensive, uncertain, and intimidating, ideacious aims to solve these issues by bringing together creators, buyers, and service-providers within one low-risk, rewarding community.

“Like all useful things, ideacious was born of necessity,” said Joshua Brassé founder of ideacious.  “As a professional Industrial Designer I have faced many obstacles while trying to bring ideas to market: funding, sourcing, legal protection, plus a number of other hurdles. Often these issues were too large and the idea was thrown into the black void of ‘later’. So after years of identifying all of the obstacles new designers face, we created ideacious.”

Pronounced “eye-dee-eh-sh-us,” the company works by bringing together two complementary crowds: buyers and creators. By pairing the exciting ideas of creators with the crowd-sourced capital of buyers, ideacious enables product ideas to come to market while eliminating much of the risk for the designer.

As a buyer, people can purchase products before they’re made; investing early in a product to receive a return in their investment. As a creator there is a full-service network available at their fingertips to help move an idea into market. This allows the creator to pre-sell all of their products before they are manufactured, eliminating a significant amount of financial risk.

For more information, or to view product images visit www.ideacious.com